So there I was waiting in a meeting for my other side of my life, that of a business strategist and I started reading a magazine. There was a spark of inspiration as the photographer in me noticed that in most of these magazines there is not credit given to all the people involved in making the shots happen.

So I decided to change that and produce CT Magazine – a fashion magazine with a different. The aim of CT Magazine is not only to show you the latest fashion trends, but to showcase the talent behind the photos, everyone from the photographer, model, make up artist to the designer, stylist and studio. Its my goal to show people just how much hard work goes into making fashion photographs and its not all glitze and glamour, although that is part of it.

Where do I find CT Magazine.

You can read the latest issue of CT Magazine right inside facebook just go to the CT Magazine facebook page at and click the Read CT Magazine link.

Or if you prefer you can read the latest issue on the CT Magazine website at

Do you want to get published?

So the aim of CT magazine is to help people show off what they can do. So if you work in the fashion industry as either a photographer, model, make up artist, designer, stylist or anything else, please get in touch. We are always looking to show off what people can do and how much hard work they put in.

You can get in touch with CT magazine by any of the following


 Alternatively check out the website for more details about the magazine and how you can get published in the next issue.