First off thank you for visiting my new blog.

The idea of this blog is to share both my knowledge of photography, everything from cameras, bags, lighting, locations, shutters to studios and everything in between. So if you have anything you are not sure about in the world of photography dont be afraid to ask I am here to help.

I am also going to share some information which I found hard to find when I started in photography and hopefully put everything in one easy to find place for you to enjoy and share.
Also I am going to share experiences from my photo shoots, both with and without models, on location, in studios and what ever else I get up to.
Put simply this is a blog about my journey and experience in photography, as I learn more stuff I will share that with you, as I do stuff I will share that too.
Another point to remember I work with a Canon 7D camera and being a Canon certified professional means I will be bias towards Canon, but everything in general is the same on DSLR’s whether its Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hassleblad or what ever else you use.
Ok so lets get this party started.
Who am I
I am Sean J Connolly and I work as a professional Advertising Photographer specialising in advertising, editorial, fashion photography, I am based in Richmond, North Yorkshire and cover all Yorkshire, North East and anywhere else I am needed.
I have worked professionally full time now for about 2 years, but have been in photography for about 10 years. I must say I love the challenge it brings, as there are lots of good and bad photos out there, so taking that special shot is something I pride myself on.

You can find out more about me from any of the following links.

  1.  (my main website)
  2. (photography facebook page)
  3. (my flickr account)
  4. (model mayhem portfolio)

Feel free to get in touch, whether you are a fellow photographer, make up artist, model, stylist or looking for a photographer. I promise I wont bite.

Thanks for reading