OK so we all use social media just about everyday, whether you are liking something on FaceBook, tweeting something on Twitter, +1’ng something on Google or Pinning something on Pinterest. The question I put to you is how many of you don’t use if correctly?

Now I am not going to go into how to promote your stuff online or the best ways to increase your twitter followers or FaceBook likes, but the point of this post is that it has become apparent to me that their is an increasing amount of people who seem to think the point of social media is to just advertise their own stuff.

I am sick and tired of people who post things and expect to get people to share, like or whatever yet on the other hand these people dont share other peoples content, nor do they even go as far as to like other peoples work. I mean for example I work as a fashion and advertising photographer, which means I dont do weddings, so what do I do when someone asks me about doing a wedding. I refer them to someone I know who does do weddings, I intend to stick in my area of photography and not move into areas I dont do.

You will no doubt have seen the types of people I am talking about, you read on their profiles such comments as “friend requests will be ignored” or “if I am interested in working with you I will get in touch”. Now dont get me wrong this behaviour comes from people in all areas of life photographers, models and MUA’s so what I dont get is that if these people are not wanting to be social, how do they know anyone in the first place to get work.

This post may sound like a bit of a rant, and I guess it is, but then its my blog so I can rant if I want. But in all seriousness here are the GOLDEN rules to being social and winning at social media.

  1. Comment on other peoples work
  2. Like other peoples work and pages
  3. Refer work to your colleagues if its something you dont do
  4. If you really like someones work, share it.


  1. Don’t just post your own stuff everywhere
  2. Don’t ignore your fans / followers
  3. Don’t write such stupid things like “friend requests will be ignored” on your profile, that is unless your a twat.

So I think you get my point, we are all on this world wide web to connect and we are not going to do that by not being social, so go forth my friend and be social.

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