Model : Becky Magson
Location : Hartlepool
Type : Fashion

It would seem that the current trend for shoots is based on a mermaid type shot, anything from fantasy to fashion is popular. So in preparation for this shoot I opted to stick on the fashion side of the fence, not that there is anything wrong with fantasy shots, I just felt Fashion was more in keeping with my style.

With Becky having bought some shell shaped nipple tassels / pasties it seemed like the logical solution to do the shoot using these, and as always stay well outside the norm to get that one off shot.


The first issue on the agenda was location, and although we were fast approaching the autumn, I felt that finding the location was top of the list and weather was something that can be worked with.

So I hit the internet, yes I didn’t even leave the house. I travelled all over Google Maps as I knew what I was looking for, a coastal location with lots of rocks rather than a sandy beach. So after many hours of Googling I found the ideal location just a bit south of Seaham.

So all that was left was to scout of this location and see if it looked as good in real life as it did online.

On getting to the location the main problem I encountered was the sea, the tide to be precise. The location looked just perfect but the tide was in, so I had some additional homework with tide times to do for my next trip. But I thought the location was just right so I would hit it at the right time when the tide was out, or at least coming in.

The Shoot

Ok so it was finally here, we were all set on location everything was ready, we actually had a good sunny day (actually the last one of the summer as it turns out), and at arriving at the top of the cliffs to walk down, what do we see. Yes you guessed it people and lots of people, but as I figured most people who go to the beach dont really wander too far I figured we could find a quiet stop. (remember this shoot is about wearing nothing but nipple tassels / pasties and some imagination)

After a long walk carrying all the gear up a very pebbly beach we hit the perfect spot, and even managed to find some props to use in the shoot, bits of drift wood, sea weed, etc. So we set about getting the shots in, and as they required that mermaid look, it meant standing close to the incoming tide, whilst Becky was in the water. (now if you can guess what happened you get a gold star).

As on all my shoots nothing bothers me, all I care about is what I can see in the camera, so I was taking the initial shots and suddenly felt my feet get all wet. Yes the tide had come in a bit, and decided to soak my feet. So at this point I ran up the beach to move my kit further up the beach. But as I was happy with these initial shots so that was ok.

The next set of shots are the best of all, a bit further up the beach it was pebbles rather than sand, perfect, and with bits of drift wood lying around, and even the sun was playing ball. Everything was set for a perfect shot, lighitng location. So we starting taking some of the best shots of the day, and they just worked. I only took about 6 shots, yet got the shot of the day.

So at this point we were really happy with the shots, and Becky said she needed some other shots of different Nipple Tassels, so we moved just around the corner, where Becky changed into the new tassels and again we started shooting.

Now bet you cant guess what happened (hint remember my reference to people earlier), yes a man walking his dog walked around the corner, and there I am taking photos of Becky standing against the rocks wearing Nipple Tassels and very little else. Now thankfully the guy was not prudish, and in fact I think it kinda made his day. What a nice treat for him to see whilst walking his dog.

Well we got the final set of shots and everyone was happy. I just love the shots, but I will let you all be the judge of whether you think the mermaid shot works or not.

Sample shots from Mermaid Photo Shoot
To see some of these shots in full size please visit my gallery on my website